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Who are Specialist Solicitors?

Graham Roberts

Personal Injury

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Immigration Law

What we offer:

Affordable Expertise

Specialist Solicitors are a group of like-minded legal professionals all based in West Yorkshire. We joined together as a group to provide clients with the expert help they needed without the price tag associated with large corporate firms.


Specialist Solicitors members are not in business together. We all have our own legal firms and therefore we are not bound to recommend each other. In joining forces on this website we are acknowledging our respect for the services that each of us provide, and enabling clients to access these from one site.


The Personal Touch

In many cases clients require help from two or more legal experts who specialise in different areas of law and so may struggle to find people who provide the individual care they need within their budget. As small businesses we all have the personal touch and low overheads, therefore we are able to cater to those needs.

Local Services

Specialist Solicitors are all West Yorkshire based and as such are accessible and understand local issues and local people.