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Benjamin Roberts Solicitors; West Yorkshire specialist solicitors in all aspects of personal injury law.

Benjamin Roberts Solicitors are proud of their reputation of working hard to ensure all of clients receive the maximum compensation for their injuries and losses suffered as a result of accidents or injuries through industrial disease or clinical negligence.

About Graham Roberts

Graham Roberts is the Principal Solicitor of Benjamin Roberts Solicitors. He has specialised in dealing with Personal Injury Claims for the past 17 years and in that time has gained his specialism by dealing with the whole variety of Personal Injury Claims from whiplash to fatal accidents, claims with values from £500 to £2.7 Million.

Graham has held his accreditation as a recognised specialist Personal Injury Lawyer since 2006 at which time he began Benjamin Roberts Solicitors. Since this time we have helped hundreds of clients gain millions in compensation through our expert knowledge, hard work and determination.

Born and bred in Huddersfield then living between Bradford and Halifax Graham is proud of his great Yorkshire heritage and proud to continue to fight to ensure that those who have suffered loss through injury are properly compensated for their injuries and losses.


When accidents or injuries strike, the person injured can suffer horrendous difficulties coping with life, and sometimes the loss of independence and employment. This can affect not only them but also their families and friends. It is vitally important if someone finds themselves in such a situation they get the right solicitor who will recover all their heads of loss (sometimes losses they didn’t even realise until it is brought to their attention), for them……….because your claim matters.

Over the past 9 years Benjamin Roberts have secured their clients millions of pounds in compensation.

We are accredited as Specialists by the Law Society to provide Legal Assistance in Personal Injury cases and our solicitors have over 18 years of experience specialising in this area of law.

Benjamin Roberts offers a 24 hour Advice Line and Home Visits for those unable to make it to our offices, for whatever reason. Our Lawyers are fluent in English, Polish, Urdu and Punjabi to make it easier for those whose first language is not English. We also offer an early interim payment of up to £1,000.00  to help with the immediate difficulties which can arise  as a result of being involved in an accident (terms apply), and immediate referral for medical rehabilitation on a no win no fee basis indeed all of our Personal Injury Work is undertaken on a Full No Win No Fee basis.

       So we offer:

  • Free Legal Advice
  • 24 Hour Advice Line
  • Home Visits
  • English, Polish, Urdu and Punjabi speaking lawyers
  • Interim Payments of up to £1,000.00 (terms apply)
  • Early Medical Rehabilitation and Treatment
  • No Win No Fee
      We can help you with the following claims:

  • Slips and Trips
  • Employers Liability
  • Public Order Claims
  • Abuse Claims
  • Noise Induced Deafness
  • Vibration White Finger
  • Industrial Disease Claims
  • Road Traffic Accident
  • Defective Product Liability
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Fatal Accidents
  • Professional Negligence
Due to our specialist skills, attention to detail and determination to ensure our clients are fully compensated, we are often asked to review cases which our clients have brought through other solicitors and not been happy with the advice provided or the settlement made. If you have had a personal injury claim and not been satisfied with the advice given to you, let us have a look at your case. We may be able to take over the case or have it re-opened to ensure you are fully compensated. So give Benjamin Roberts a call and let us review your claim.

Tel: 01422 356633 Mob: 07809472734 Freefone: 0800 432 0122 Fax: 01422343688



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